We are often looking for new staff to bring to company forward.
If you would like to contribute and learn about design and manufacturing,
please do not hesitate to contact us for a visit in the factory.

Category ① Mechanical Design

② Electrical Design

③ Route Sales

④ Mechanical Assembly

⑤ Mechanical Processing

Responsibilities ① be concerned the projects from biginning until the completion with the customers or other staffs
(Sales、Design、Assembly sections)
We use those CAD like WINSTAR CAD,AutoCAD,CATIAV5 and so on.

② Designing and drawing by software of Hard Sequence

③ 1. Customer communication, consultancy and advice.

2. overseas transaction, communications for international customers.

④ assembling,plumbing,adjustment and inspection on production lines for various automobile components

⑤ manufacturing machine parts by using CNC Milling machine, Machining, welding machine.

Qualifications Japanese language skills.
①③④diploma of mechanical engineering ③Preferred knowledge of mechanical components
Working place Technical Center Require: ①、②、③、④、⑤
Akita Office Require: ①
Working time 8:30~17:30
Holidays Weekends (Saturday & Sunday off, – Saturday occurs as working day app. 10 times a year.)
, Summer vacation, end and beginning of the year, paid vacation, refresh holidays (continuous 5 days holiday every 5 years + 50,000 Yen bonus)
Conditions A pay rise as riquired, Award twice a year, Transportation expenses, Social insurance, Company dormitory(only for technical center)、Company trip, Air-conditioned
provide technical skills, a housing allowance, a family allowance, perfect attendance, overtime work, meal
Apply Please make first contact by telephone or e-mail, then send CV with own picture to the below address by mail. 
If you have any questions, please call or send e-mail.
Information / Apply: Att:Ms. M. Fujimoto / Economy administration

Technology Center
147, 3Cho-me, Kaechi, Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi 480-0133
TEL: +81-587-95-8811

Currently we have no available positions.